WorksWonders Profiles

A closer look at WorksWonders employees & purchasers

Victor Ray Johnson

A Proud & Fast Employee

Victor Ray Johnson

This is my favorite job and I want to do it for as long as I can,” Johnson said. “This is what keeps me motivated in life.”

For more than 10 years, Victor Ray Johnson has worked at Reliable Facilities Service, Inc. (RFSI), a janitorial and custodial cleaning company that provides meaningful employment to Texans with disabilities. Johnson is always eager to get to work and excited to help anyone, even if he is simply holding the door open for a fellow coworker. Although his shift does not start until the evening, Johnson values his job so much that he always arrives early.

A Michigan native, but a University of Texas Longhorns enthusiast, Johnson has always appreciated his job at Reliable Facilities Service, Inc. (formerly Austin Task) and especially enjoys vacuuming and recycling. While he is extremely skilled at doing these jobs, Johnson’s co-workers and managers say it’s his work ethic and attitude that stand out the most.

“He is our go-to guy, and I wish we had 20 of him,” Vandy Cameron, president of RFSI, said. “It takes Victor longer than an hour to get here each day, but he still shows up early because he hopes he can vacuum and clean even more than what his job description outlines.”

Cameron works closely with TIBH and the WorksWonders program to ensure all of RSFI’s clients are happy with the cleaning services provided. Having a solid relationship with TIBH and the State Use Program has allowed Cameron to not only grow his business to other state organizations and additional state buildings, but also to concentrate on what really matters—the employees.

Johnson’s bosses have taken note of his dedication to his job, and they are proud to call him a model employee.

He is, by far, the hardest worker I have ever come across,” Ryan Reed, project manager at RFSI, said. “He is so eager to complete a task that if you ask him to do something, he is out the door and running—literally—to complete it.

Johnson is known for his speed, as you can usually hear him running from task to task, but it is all because of how much he loves his job and successfully completing his work.

Victor Romero

Purchaser at Sul Ross State University

Victor Romero - Purchaser

“The benefit of purchasing through the State Use Program is quality—we get good, quality products, and the price is very, very competitive,” Romero said.

For approximately 20 years, Victor Romero, superintendent of general services at Sul Ross State University, has purchased products for the university from the Texas State Use WorksWonders Program.

“They [TIBH] make it an easy process,” Romero said.

Romero oversees the purchasing and use of products for three of the university’s major departments—custodial, warehouse and motor pool. Since he purchases more than 60 percent of those departments’ office, cleaning and safety equipment, Romero stresses the need for quality products to serve the students and faculty.

“The program has been super easy to use. The catalogs are well informed, the website is easy to navigate and the folks are a joy to work with. They are always available.”

In fact, Romero has had such a positive experience working with TIBH that he jumped at the chance to implement a new product at the university, GOJO Soap dispensers, which is supplied by Austin Lighthouse for the Blind.

“Our purchasing experience with TIBH and Austin Lighthouse has been nothing but good,” Romero said. “When we purchase, it’s prompt, we get exactly what we want and there are no surprises. Also, the personal service we get is special. TIBH and Austin Lighthouse representatives come by and visit a lot to check up and provide personal service, which I really appreciate.”

Romero is excited to continue to buy the products he needs through TIBH’s State Use Program, as well increase the amount of products he purchases.

“The catalog seems to grow every year, and we are always looking for new things,” Romero said. “We have our eyes on tools, office supplies and safety equipment. Plus, helping create employment opportunities for Texans with disabilities is a huge bonus to using the program.”