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The programs and components of WorksWonders
Texas Workforce Commission

Purchasing from People with Disabilities Program

Implemented by Senate Bill 212 (SB212) during the 2015 legislative session, the Texas Workforce Commission Purchasing from People with Disabilities Program acquired the administrative and oversight duties for the WorksWonders Program, which was originally implemented under Chapter 122 of the Human Resources Code in 1978 by the Texas Legislature.

Created as a state initiative to increase meaningful employment and wages, and ultimately to enhance the lives of Texans with disabilities, the WorksWonders program promotes the products, services and temporary employment services produced and provided by those individuals.

The Texas Workforce Commission

In its role as program administrator, the Texas Workforce Commission works with the Purchasing from People with Disabilities Advisory Committee to ensure that the requirements and goals of the Purchasing from People with Disabilities Program are being fulfilled.

TIBH Industries, Inc.

As the Central Nonprofit Agency (CNA) for the WorksWonders Program, TIBH Industries, Inc. functions as a liaison between the government entities that purchase products, services and temporary employment services offered by the program and the Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) that provide them.

Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)

CRPs are responsible for employing individuals that produce and provide the products and services offered through the program. A far-reaching range of Texans with disabilities is employed through the WorksWonders program, including those with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, learning disabilities, visual impairments, physical impairments, hearing impairments, brain injury and chemical disorders, among others.

Benefits of the Program

  • Stable, vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities is provided within their own communities.
  • Individuals with disabilities are given the opportunity to become self-sufficient.
  • Efforts to deinstitutionalize people with disabilities are encouraged.
  • Training, meaningful employment and fair wages are provided for individuals with disabilities.
  • Customers receive not only quality products and services, but also a competitive price without the hassles of administering a competitive bid.
  • The program offers a wide variety of products and services.
  • Each contract is negotiated individually, allowing for customization to meet specific wants and needs.
  • Customers have one point of contact for all questions involving WorksWonders Program contracts.
  • The WorksWonders Program has proven to reduce the cost of care for people with disabilities.
  • By adding employees with disabilities to the workforce, the program helps increase the tax base. National studies have shown a savings in public expenditures for purchases made through the WorksWonders Program.
  • Since community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) are located in large and small communities, the program also stimulates local area economic growth.
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